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we have been telling him all the time that it's not safe. >> he left virginia determined to spread the american dream and quickly became the mayor of kandahar. today an assassin takes hi life, but not his legacy. now, friends and co-workers reflect. also tonight, another heat wave is on the way.
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topper's tracking a quick return to near triple digit temperatures. plus, the clock is still ticking on that debt ceiling crisis. we'll rundown what did and didn't happen tonight. five days, one hour left before the united states bumps its checkbook up against that debt ceiling and todays drama was not over whether the democrats and republicans can agree on a solution. >> todays drama was over republicans in the house can agree with each other on a plan to send to the senate. now, we agreed gary nurenberg is the guy to bring us up-to- date. >> reporter: it's the biggest task of john boehneras speaker so far. trying to get republicans to line up behind the plan that a substantial number of them don't want. >> as he got republicans into closed door meetings to get in line behind his budget cutting debt ceiling plan, tea party activists rallied against raising the debt ceiling without a balanced budget
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amendment to the constitution. >> these republicans need to hold the line. >> one high profile republican isn't on that page. >> to hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it's unfair. >> inside, boehner appeared to be making progress. >> i've novembered from undecided to no to undecided. >> even if boehner gets the votes and sends it to the senate democrats plan to kill it. >> it's going to be very difficult no matter what happens in the even, even if he gets all of the discretion, to get this done by august 2nd. >> when with no increase in the debt ceiling the united states can't pay all its bills. >> the united states government has adequate resources to pay the interest on its debt and to avoid a default. that would turn this into more like a government shut down. >> okay with the tea party. >> this is truly a historic debate about the size and scope of government.
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what it should be and what it shouldn't be. things government should and shouldn't be involved in. it's really not about the debt ceiling. it's about has our government grown too big and too far. >> the vote is now tomorrow on that rewritten, has more spending cuts than it did yesterday boehner plan. if there is no deal by tuesday it's the administration that gets to decide who gets paid and who doesn't, what in the federal government stays open and what closes down. not wanting to spook the markets by talking too much about that, the administration hasn't said, which means we don't know, which means that even if the administration is planning, the rest of us can't. derek? >> thank you, gary. well there has been yet another high profile killing in the southern afghan city of kandahar. a suicide bomber who hid the explosives inside his turbine assassinated the mayor of kandahar. just two weeks ago, the president's half brother was also killed there. in all, three power brokers from southern afghanistan have been murdered in just the last
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two weeks. he was a man who loved american values. after all he lived in the washington area for nearly 20 years. our ken molestina spoke to those close to him who say he was trying to rebuild kandarhar based on a model influenced by the american dream. >> the day he spoke about it came on tuesday, a suicide bomber managed to get into kandahar city hall and set off an explosion that killed the mayor. the news of the attack quickly made it back to washington. >> he loved washington area a lot, because of the diversity and all those. >> this is a close family friend and former employer. he worked as an accountant as trans am travel in alexandria for 18 years. hamidi left in 2007 to become kandahar's mayor and use values learned in the u.s. to read democracy in the war torn nation. >> he wanted to give back to
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his people in kandahar. >> of course that plan came with a very high risk and in fact his friends warned him about it during his last visit to the u.s. about a month ago. >> we have been telling him all the time that it's not safe. come back. >> hamidi had been targeted with assassination attempts twice before but according to his loved ones it was a threat he was willing to deal within order to serve the people of kandahar. >> i'm sure he was scared inside but he didn't want to show it to us or family or friends. >> he first came to this country in the late 80s. we understand his two daughters still live in virginia, tonight they've hopped on a plane and headed back for their fathers memorial. well, bizarre, barely begins to describe the new details we know about surrounding the mount rainier police officer charged with sexually assaulting a young man and trying to kill him. that officer 27 year old gene gilette, we've learned a lot more since we told you about
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the story. prosecutors now say he lured the young man to his home by promising to put him in a porno movie with women. they say when no hot ladies showed up the man tried to leave but prosecutors say gilette tried to make that man perform a sex act. instead though the man grabbed the keys to gilette's truck, tried to run away and that's when they say gilette shot him several times. the man did survive. we've now learned this might not be the first such incident either. sources confirm gilette's under investigation for firing his gun in another similar case. tonight new pictures of the so- called serial slash erin fairfax county and police are convinced he will strike again. take a look. officers believe this man has been attacking women since february. three of the five slashings happened at the fair oaks mall. he allegedly distracts his young female victims while shopping and then moves in, cutting them with a box cutter
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or razor blade. >> it is painful and you feel that your space has been violated. it's a form of assault. >> we're a little surprised and it's definitely a unique thing. it's nothing that would fall into a normal category. >> and in fact a criminal profiler tells 9 news the suspect may have a disorder called picorism, in which one finds sexual gratification by cutting or stabbing somebody else in a sexually significant area. surveillance photos, the suspect wears different clothing but one item remains constant, the large white watch on his left arm. again, if you have seen this guy or have any information, call police. the son of council member marion berry could be behind bars. today marion christopher barry plead guilty to felony drug charges. back in may authorities say they found five large bags of pot and a viral of pcp in
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barry's apartment. officers were called there in southwest for some sort of dispute and say that's when the drugs will be found. he will be sentenced next month. if you forgot to pay an old parking ticket the district is about to cut you slack. today the mayor announced a six- month program for drivers with outstanding tickets. however there is a catch. it only applies to tickets issued before january 1 of this year. now you can start paying without any penalty come monday. the district expects or at least hopes to collect about $6.3 million through this program. the militaries brac realignment project is really hitting close to home. for thousands of folks connected to walter reed army medical center. that facility is closing its doors in september and today, it hosted a closing ceremony, allowing generations of staff and patients to say goodbye. the medical centers flag was rolled up by the commanding sargent major, marking the in activation of the unit. >> it was the end of a very
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historical era, but it was also the beginning of an endeavor. the beginning of a great future. >> back in 2005, a government commission voted to close walter reed as part of a cost cutting initiative. in september the facility will be handed over to the state department and the district of columbia and patients will be transferred and an ex opinioned bethesda naval hospital. tonight, new video of the norway massacre, the moment the deadly attacks began. and, see what happened when a fake russian gangster comes looking for a favor from the government. plus, art and the outrageous. inside the world of professional air guitar. that's coming up. i'm meterologist topper shutt. 93 today. we'll take you out with your wake up weather. pretty nice to start, 64-74 by 7:00, and low 80s by 9:00. we'll come back and talk about near record heat coming later
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every day i see people relieve their back pain on this bed. now the revolutionary sleep number bed is redefining sleep again. find your sleep number setting and join over 7 million people who love their bed. only at the sleep number store. families who lost loved ones on 9/11 plan to meet with the attorney general to talk
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about rupert murdoch. they want to know more about the fbi investigation into the empire. the bureau is looking into some of the allegations that the first service in london that reporters were offering to pay police officers to retrieve the private records on 9/11 victims. there's new video from the deadly terror attacks in norway. this is surveillance footage from the moment the bomb blast struck in oslow on friday. you can see glass shattering, people running out of the store. police say a car bomb was set off near government buildings killing eight people. officials say he then drove to a small island dressed as a policeman and calling gun downed teens at a youth summer camp. today norwegian police destroyed even more explosives found at a farm rented by bravick. now police believe he made his bomb using fertilizer, buying it in large amounts by pretending to be a farmer. well caught on tape, a government worker apparently helping a wealthy russian drug
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dealer committ medicaid fraud. >> like we won't get in trouble for the business? >> no, you just leave that off your application. >> [laughter] oh, okay. >> the man in the video with the funny voice actually conservative activist james o' keefe, but the workers deliberately tells him to lie. in that undercover video she tells o' keefe to list his father as self-employed. now, the governor is calling for an investigation. he says it's simply unacceptable for a government worker to instruct someone to break the law. >> unfortuntely medicaid fraud is more prevalent than people would believe and we have beefed up that medicaid fraud unit both at the medical assistance services level and at the attorney generals level so we can root this out. it's a rip off for the taxpayers. >> still no word on whether any disciplinary actions have been
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taken against the social services worker or the medicaid facility in the video. a missing persons mystery out of tacoma park. tonight police are hoping you've seen this woman, donna smith. the 35 year old was last seen leaving the 1200 block of myrtle avenue yesterday but she never arrived for work. she was wearing a pink summer dress and sandals. smith also has a cross tatood on her left shoulder. if you have any information about where she might be, police want to know about it. if you didn't get your fill of frank today, don't worry. there's still about a half hour left in national hot dog day. to celebrate, lawmakers and baseball grates held their annual hot dog luncheon the hill. the american meat institute sponsored the give away of more than 4000 hot dog, corn dogs, sausages and bratwursts. not everybody thinks national hot dog day is so cool and they were making their feelings known as well on the hill. derek makes his feelings known
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as he always does in let's be real. >> well, anita, it was pita in action and while these ladies sure may look good, they say don't let the smooth taste fool you. they were serving up veggie dog, urging folks and meantime in indianapolis a group known as a physicians committee for responsible medicine unveiled that billboard, warning hot dog lovers of dire consequences, eating one every day they might cause cancer. okay, consider me warned. it reminds me of the time i was in the drug store grabbing a coke zero when some organic type walks up behind me and says i don't you don't think this is incredibly rude but do you know how bad that is for you? well i did think it was pretty rude and besides what do you expect me to do? put back the coke and apologize to my kidneys? because let's be real. i already know, we already know hot dogs, coke, pizza, movie, popcorn and the whole great gob
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of the other stuff we love is not exactly health food. too much of it might even kill me. i get it. now go away and let me enjoy my nitrates, fats, salt in peace. anita? >> whew, okay, chill out, derek. chill out. year in year out, it is quite a sight. the annual pony swim in virginia. today, tens of thousands of spectators watched as 150 ponies made the crossing from the national wildlife refuge, a swim stretching about 200- yards. oh, that is beautiful. tomorrow, some of the ponies will be auctioned off to raise money for the local fire company. ponies not sold will return for another year. i have always wanted to see that in person. >> gorgeous traditions we've got around here. gorgeous day too. just cobalt blue, the sky. >> it was so nice, top and all i kept thinking was can't get used to this. >> no you can't. what we can get used to is
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setting some record as we close the book on the month. let's talk first about the tropics. we do have tropical storm don. i want to mention this briefly, go to and download our hurricane tracker and it's a great tool. it's free and you can track it right along with us. there is the storm moving across cancun, going back into the gulf of mexico. latest computer guidance, about the same as it was earlier, keeping it a tropical storm, making it hit landfall around early saturday in central texas coast but that's good news. they need the rainfall and it may break their heat wave in texas. dallas has been 100 degrees every day since july 2nd. now, for us, well we can't get used to it. sunday morning commute that we can get used to but the humidity will continue to grow a little bit so it's going to be hot and with more humidity tomorrow, muggy tomorrow night, tomorrow night won't be very pleasant and we get into friday, we're back to dangerous heat. this heat wave late in the week will not be as widespread as it was last week nor quite as severe but still we're talking temperatures near 100.
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that's enough. i hate to throw numbers at you late at night but wake up and check this out. average for june, july and august 31 days, 90 degrees or higher. since june 1 we've had 30 already so it's already at we're at average, we haven't been into august yet and now the average for july, 14 90- degree days, so far 20 and the most you've ever had is 24 and i think we're going to finish the month out in the 90s. that means we'll tie the set back in 1993 and go back to sleep now. clear to partly cloudy, more comfortable. 64 to 74, light wind, just a few clouds pushing through overnight, mostly sunny though in the morning, very warm by noon. 70s and 80s, air quality code orange. that is unhealthy air and if you have respiratory problems keep yourself indoors. by afternoon, partly cloudy and hot, more humid, highs between 90 and 95, keeping it dry tomorrow afternoon, winds south southwest at about 10. so highs tomorrow, 92 downtown, 92 in college park, 94 in
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waldorf, 93 down toward fairfax. zone forecast, well we're going to keep oakland in the 80s. they've had two nice days in the 70s but cumberland 90, 90 in winchester, 94 in culpeper, 90 in manassas and fairfax, low 90s downtown looking at temperatures near 90 on the bay and no winds to speak of, no small craft advisory on the bay. next seven days, here we go. 99 on friday, isolated storm and 96 on saturday, just an isolated storm. some good news, at least scattered storms will develop on sunday and monday and that will keep temperatures in the low 90s but i think we finished the month out in the 90s tying the record. that's kind of exciting, because it won't snow in july. we're still hot next week, 98 by next wednesday. >> woohoo. >> going to break records might as well. >> okay, okay. like that. thanks, top. any red skin trades in the last 20 minutes we need to know about? >> its been non-stop even from the time i left red skin park
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here, there was another trade. the redskins sure kept us busy today as they were wheeling and dealing with mcnabb gone. find out what the players think of the qbox situation. and just when you thought they were donna wiring receivers, think again. could the nationals stop their skids? more is next in sports.
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the done o son mcnabb era in washington was short lived. 13 months and he's already been shipped off to minnesota so the question now is who will be the redskins starting quarterback this season? coach mike shanahan made it clear he's a fan of third stringer john beck, despite the fact beck hasn't taken a regular season snap since his rookie year in 2007 but beck was at every players mini camp this summer and says he's been working out with successful quarterback like aaron rogers and as for the rest of his team they're just waiting to see how the qb scenario unfolds. >> everybody in the quarterback room has played a lot of football. beck, he don't have a lot of
11:24 pm
nfl game experience but he has a lot of nfl experience with practicing and full speed practicing. he looks good. we're not worried about the quarterback situation. >> we'll see what training camp is for. we aren't going to give you a starting job. you got to earn it. >> you can make a case that the redskins have a slight case of hording. they were stockpiling wide receivers and as of today have 14 receivers on the roster. 14. that should make for a very interesting training camp. the redskins started the day acquiring daunte stallworth, the former ravens started out the 2009 season after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and daphne says he reported to camp in denver today. business is usual and the trade caught him completely off guard. >> i didn't have any clue that it was going to happen but
11:25 pm
there will be a lot of trading going on this week and i wasn't sure i'd be a part in this thing. >> and later this evening, the redskins address the issue of cornerback, finally signing josh wilson. if he's name sounds familiar it's because he's a grad that played at the university of maryland and was with the ravens last year. >> the washington nationals coming off a dismal road trip and hoping a little home field advantage would do them good. they got crushed by the marlins last night 11-2 but today is another day, right? we'll see. the nationals tried to stop a three game skid down three nothing in the fourth until nicks coming through with a solo shot, but the marlins says anything you can do, i can do twice as better. hitting one of his two homers
11:26 pm
of the night, marlins up 7-1 and the nats were within two in the ninth, and nicks trying to tie it up but was just short, just short. nats lose their fourth straight game 7-5 and the trade river mill heating up there, according to fox sports, ken rosenthal, a possible trade for twins and the closer was considered one of the, was once considered one of the young guys the nats franchise was building on but the need for a center fielder could trump that. >> and to the city open, there was some tennis, the first ever city open in college park, and it was all petrova, she advances to the quarterfinals. >> finally, the braves and the pirates, remember this last night, the epic 19 inning games, six hours, 39 minutes well what do fans do hen they've been there for six and a half hours? that guy is carrying a bunch of all of the empty cups. he just went around collecting all of the cups and look, the other fans deciding to help him
11:27 pm
out a little bit, so there's more excitement in the stands than there probably was in the field until the very end but i guess you got to, they might be going a little stir crazy after a little six and a half hours. >> also got to wonder what it was like for them to work today. >> not good. >> if they emptied those cups. >> exactly. very true. good point. we'll be right back.
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finally, apparently, folks, we just missed it. that moment when air guitar competition turned into interprative dance. that's the only way to describe what you're about to see.
11:31 pm
>> that's not air guitar. >> it's almost mime like. the guy calls himself nordic thunder and outside of the diaper or whatever it is he's wearing there, you might call it black swan. anyway this little dance earned him the u.s. air guitar title, believe it or not. now, he will go off to finland to compete for the world title unless someone lets him know the ladies don't like air guitar, they aren't impressed. >> don't quit the day job. >> even air drums, air keyboard, it doesn't help. >> he's tried it all. >> [laughter]. goodnight, everybody. >> bye-bye. turn left.
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